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A woman’s breasts are naturally beautiful, but in some cases the size and shape can cause insecurities. If your breasts are small, or have changed over time, you may wish to consider a procedure to lift, enlarge or reshape them. We believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful and feminine.

Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bret Baack specializes in the following breast procedures:

Breast Augmentation

Our surgeon perform breast augmentation for women from the Northern Colorado, Wyoming and beyond who are not happy with their natural breast size or whose breasts have deflated afler pregnancy. For women who simply want better body proportions or more symmetrical breasts, there is no need to settle. At Fort Collins Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Bret Baack perform hundreds of natural-looking breast augmentation surgeries per year. ln some women, implants alone create beautiful, filled-out breasts. ln others, an enhancement with a breast lift (or mastopexy) is necessary to achieve an attractive, fuller shape.

Breast Lift

The need for a breast lift is usually the result of an inflation and deflation of breast volume due to pregnancy or significant weight loss. Sometimes, merely gravity and time can cause the need for a mastopexy. And in some cases, women develop with lower, relaxed breasts and can benefit from a lifting procedure.

A breast lift entails removal of the extra skin that is allowing the breasts to drop to a less attractive position. The breast tissue (parenchyma) with the arealae and nipples attached, are moved upward, and the lower pole tissues are tightened to hold the breasts up. Underlying breast parenchyma is sewn together in the lower pole to reinforce the lift prior to closure of the skin. Occasionally, women are candidates for the areolar lift that does not require the vertical scar down the front of the breasts. Ultimately, the best shape must be achieved using the minimal scarring to do so. Most women feel the scar is a small price to pay for a perkier breast position.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery reduces the weight and size of breasts and can help alleviate symptoms such as back pain, neck pain and bra strap grooving. Because the reduclion will lift the breast, the result is typically a smaller, more attractive breast.

The goal of breast reduction surgery is not only to relieve the patient of symptoms related to heavy breasts, but also to achieve the shape and size that the patient desires. DR. Baack is committed to creating aesthetically attractive breasts, not just smaller breasts.

Breast Reduction

While many breast implants never cause a problem, some women experience changes after surgery that warrant a revision, such as an implant rupture or capsular contracture. Others are simply ready for a cosmetic change. Our surgeons have the knowledge and skill for these more challenging procedures, specializing in revision treatment for patients who are dissatisfied with results from a past breast augmentation.

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